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I have planted king Edward potatoes in May in bags. The foliage is really tall now. As I'm a complete novice, how do I know when they are ready? I've heard about flowers growing but I've none yet!



They are main crop, and we are still harvesting earlies. . Not all potatoes do seem to flower when ready but if they do, that's it. If not the foliage starts to droop a bit. You can always dig down a bit carefully to check what's there already.

7 Jul, 2013


I would have thought it early for King Edward's to be ready to harvest - we, like Stera, are lifting first earlies as needed. Main crop tatties need approx 14 weeks ans with the poor spring possibly longer. Bulba and I wouldn't expect to lift until mid August.

7 Jul, 2013


Thank you! Maybe I should've done more research before planting! I hope our cabbages, broccoli, courgettes, tomatoes and leeks are easy enough!! Thanks again for your help!

7 Jul, 2013


Veggie growing is and isn't easy... you do need to do some research before you plant anything (food crop or otherwise). Did you know you need to earth up your leeks, feed your tomatoes once the first truss of fruit has set etc.? Mostly we all learn by our mistakes so don't worry have fun and try again next year.

7 Jul, 2013

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