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North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a pyracantha which is 10 years old and has been moved once about 8 years ago. My question is.. it has not flowered for the last two years but as you can see from the photo looks perfectly healthy otherwise any ideas as to why? Yours comments would be appreciated.
Mrs C Baxby




dont worry about this, the same happened to my pyracantha when I moved it, however it flowered and fruited marvellously this year (August to now).

4 Feb, 2010


do you prune it? perhaps you are doing it at the wrong time and are cutting the flowers off.
try giving it a feed of tomorite or any high potash feed. it does look very healthy.

4 Feb, 2010


Moving an eight year old plant is bound to upset it, just do as Seaburngirl says and it should be just fine.

5 Feb, 2010

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