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We have three Pittosporum. They have grown to about
10 feet, they are close to a wall and it's a 6 foot wall. can
anyone tell me .How deep the roots go and if they can be removed away from the wall with out killing them.



You'll need a digger and large rootball. Time to move them would be spring, April time. What I would do then is cut them back by a third, dig them up with as large an intact a root ball as possible before repositioning them and then paying great attention to watering. If you've got to move them now, they'll suffer, but they are tough. Moving them now, I'd cut them back by half, then proceed as above. Prepare the new planting positions FIRST, so that the delay from lift to replant is kept to a minimum. If they're a few years old I would expect the roots to go a few feet, but I moved a 20ft one a few years ago, with a three foot wide, 2 foot deep root ball, and it survived. The rootball size on yours depends on their age/size. I'll not hazard a guess without more info

14 Jul, 2013


Many thanks .Worthy1 we will leave them at the moment
until the spring. again thankyou.

14 Jul, 2013


Do you want to keep them 10ft tall. If not they respond well to pruning.

14 Jul, 2013

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