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Is there a species that "climb" as seen at Bristol zoo

On plant Mimulus



A species of what? The quickest climbers a the zoo are the monkeys but I guess you mean a plant. If this is one you have seen could you describe it, supposing you didn't take a photo? height, flower shape and colour, leaf shape etc.

22 Aug, 2013


Hi and welcome to g o y, I don't know of 1 that climbs, there are upright perennials, or spreading perennials.
Hi Sue, the question is about Mimulus, and you're almost right, M cardinalis is commonly called "scarlet monkey flower" and M luteus monkey musk, or yellow monkey flower and M ringens, Allegheny monkey flower, so you got the monkey bit, lol, Derek.

22 Aug, 2013


I think that Ruthhomes is trying to have a laugh with us Steragram. Haha

22 Aug, 2013


Ah, a quiz question - well I tried! Never been to Bristol zoo.

23 Aug, 2013

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