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Has Anyone an Opinion on Superdug?
Has anyone here used Superdug? Here is the website for it:

A friend reckons it's done wonders for her garden. Our garden has had no compost or TLC for many years. We moved here three years ago and are trying to get the garden into some sort of order, but the soil seems very poor. I have tried to source farmyard manure, but without success.



At first I thought you had come on the wrong site because I misread your question and thought you meant the store SUPERDRUG, LOL.

I went on the Superdug web site and what they are selling is chicken manure mixed with ash from burning some of the chicken manure. I once bought a big tub of chicken manure pellets from B&Q and used it on a lot of my potted fruit trees. Unfortunately I dug some in to some orange trees that were in my conservatory and every time I went in it smelled like a farm yard and it took months for the smell to disappear. Having said that, it did all the plants a lot of good and the leaves looked nice and green.

6 Sep, 2013

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