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Is it a good time to take cuttings from hydrangeas?
If so, how do I do it.



I took greenwood ones in the summer - just put them in water and they rooted really easily. I'd try one now - nothing lost if it doesn't root.

24 Sep, 2013


I do the same as Steragram - take green cuttings of this years growth and root in water. My biggest problem is overwintering them - they need a cold frame or cold greenhouse from experience otherwise they die as there is not enough root for them to cope with frosts.

24 Sep, 2013


Pot them up when rooted and keep them in house in that case, in a cool room. As I said, nothing to lose. I have a rooted one at the moment and am dithering abut whether to bring it under cover or not. Will probably just do it when the frosts start.

24 Sep, 2013


This only applies to the H. macrophylla types and the others which flower on old wood. H. paniculata and the others which flower on new wood, need to be propagated from cuttings taken in early Spring.

25 Sep, 2013


Thanks for that. I only bought my first paniculata this year.

25 Sep, 2013


We have one or three.........possibly 6 or 7. Saw H. Kilimanjairo yesterday, but not ready to pay £20 for it,in the sale too.

27 Sep, 2013

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