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I have bought Acer palmatum Kitoseyama, but unfortunately, I cannot find anything about it - growth rate, ultimate height, suitable condition for growing, etc. If somebody knows anything or has a link, I will be obliged.

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Could it be Acer Palmatum 'Chitoseyama'? Regardless all Acer Palmatum's require partial shady, acidic to neutral soil and do not tolerate windy conditions.

3 Nov, 2013


Look up Acer palmatum Chitose yama AGM on the RHS web site. If this is the same tree it grows to approx 1.5m-2.5m in 10-20 years. Lots of other info on there too.

4 Nov, 2013


Moon grow@Thank you very much fro your info. Yes, there are different spellings and who knows which is the right (Kitoseyama, Chitoseyama, Chitose-Yama etc.). This general conditions for acers are known to me. When I was buying it at the GC, I was told that this acer developed best on a full sun. That was one of the reasons, why I am looking for more informations. Scotsgran@Thank you very much, that was very useful!

4 Nov, 2013


This is the link to the RHS info. which does say full sun to part shade

4 Nov, 2013


Yes, I have got that one. Thank you.

4 Nov, 2013


Katarina here is a link to a different site. It describes the tree as having a weeping habit and depending on the shade situation the leaf colour is different.
It looks like a very nice tree. I like your choice.

4 Nov, 2013


It seems there are two Acer Palmatum Chitose-yama the original from Japan and one created in the UK and given the same name. Seems they have very different habits so you need to know which one you have.

4 Nov, 2013 describes both Mg. I would think both are equally acceptable in gardens. The English version with new green leaves with red tips seems to be smaller than the original Japanese plant which looks to be more drooping and the leaves are red from the spring. It is interesting that the English one is allowed to be the same name but I suppose good nurseries will describe it as 'Exbury' and the original as 'matsumurae' types. It is when we buy plants which are not id'd properly that we amateurs can come unstuck. If you had not pointed out the two I would have gone on in blissful ignorance but ignorance all the same. Thank goodness for GOY members.

4 Nov, 2013


I too was surprised that there were two trees with exactly the same name Scotsgran.

4 Nov, 2013

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