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saw carol kline saving primrose seed i need a reminder how to do it ???????????



Don't know how she did it, but this is what I do. Keep an eye on the seed and as soon as you are able to remove it from the plant , even if it is still green, then do so and sow immediately (well soon at least!). It germinates far better if sown when still green and only just able to be removed from the plant. It will not store though.

1 Mar, 2010


once i have the seed ,how do i plant it

1 Mar, 2010


Seed sowing compost, sow the seed on the surface. Cover the seed with grit or Perlite or Vermiculite. Stand pot in water until moist, put somewhere safe, but not too warm and wait!

1 Mar, 2010


thanks ,will give it a go valmal

2 Mar, 2010

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