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Although I'm used to seeing holes in some leaves during the summer season, I've just noticed that many of my plants have developed multiple holes in the last few weeks. These are in strawberries, phlox, geraniums etc. Any ideas what it could be?



could be slugs snails - still a few around I just killed 4 to-day and the geraniums its probably geranium budworms - Ken

13 Nov, 2013


A rule of thumb when determining what, if anything is eating your plant leaves is... If they are small holes, then it's probably insects. If they are larger holes then it's more likely slugs or snails that are nibbling them away. As Ken rightly said, slugs are still imminent around the garden at the moment, they are also nocturnal creatures so are difficult to spot.

It would be helpful if you could upload a picture of the damage to determine what it could be.

13 Nov, 2013

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