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Steragram, point taken, and apologies to Ken. Bad day at the office so to speak. Secondly, thanks for your advice. To put you in the picture, Anchorman posted a method of planting several cuttings in a 5" pot, with a 3" pot in the middle. The bottom couple of inches of the 5" pot was filled with horticultural sand, then the 3" pot was set in the middle, and the surrounding area was filled with a 25%/75% mixture of horticultural sand/compost. Cuttings were then planted around the pot, I believe this method was to encourage the rooting to be less inclined to entwine with surrounding roots. The smaller pot is to be removed when the cuttings have rooted. I was trying to find out a timescale of when they would have rooted. The area where the smaller pot was is to then be filled, I was asking what with, the same potting mixture? Finally, I was trying to find out when to transfer the cuttings to individual pots, and what mixture if any of horticultural sand/compost to put in these pots. I hope this makes things a little clearer, thanks for your advice, and once again, sorry Ken.



I'm sending you a PM Billy. Your reply much appreciated.

22 Nov, 2013

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