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These are my hyacinths on the garage windowsill, quite a dark window and the garage is cool. They have been there for two weeks. Prior to that they were in the shed, in a black polythene bag.
My question is:
Are they ready to come into the house yet? I'm intending to put them in the conservatory, which is centrally heated in the daytime, but unheated at night.
Thanks in advance for any help.




yes they could come indoors now. they will be fine.

12 Dec, 2013


If you want to stagger flowering bring them in one bowl at a time. The one in the soufflé dish? looks to be on the dry side but that is better than over watered.

12 Dec, 2013


I would have kept them in the dark a bit longer. If they come into the warm too soon the flowers are sometimes inclined to open before the stems have grown enough.
I'd agree with MG, stagger them.

12 Dec, 2013


Thanks for the helpful answers! The suggestion to stagger them is a good idea.
Merry Christmas everyone.

13 Dec, 2013

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