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Herbs in a Pond


By Peteg

Bristol, United Kingdom Gb

A long time since I've posted, so Hello everyone! Hope you're all well & wonderful
If this has been dealt with in the past, please link for me (I couldn't find anything) - otherwise ...
Herbs to grow on the edge/marginal shelves of a small-ish pond. Apparently, Vietnamese Coriander is a good one and the metha aquatica thug! - any other suggestions, please?



Acorus calamus (sweet flag) was a strewing herb - the leaves give off a pleasant aroma when bruised. An oil, used in perfumery, is also extracted from the rhizome

12 Jan, 2014


if you have flowing water and the space, then water cress but like the mint also a thug.

13 Jan, 2014


Good thought, Andrew, thanks.
I tried water cress a couple of years ago, SBG - didn't work out well! Now I grow land cress in the waterfall border (Sounds posh! It isn't!!) and it seems to like the high humidity and 50% shade. AND it's fairly hardy AND it self-seeds so I reckon I'm onto a winner with it.
Thanks, Both

13 Jan, 2014

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