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This year I have a lot of 'blind' daffodils how can I rectify this?



Two main reasons for blindness are: cutting the leaves off less than six weeks after the flowers have finished and having them planted somewhere they don't get enough rain and nutrients.
Feed them, now - you can use Miracle Gro general purpose, or something like it, feed weekly for 8 weeks or more, leave the leaves in place, and perhaps you will have flowers next year.

2 Apr, 2010


I had this trouble last year and the year before. This year they came on bloom. I think the hard winter we had in my area helped do this.
Silly i know , but i had a lots of blooms this spring but they were slow coming out on bloom ,
just be patient, but like bamboo says give them a good feed and with a little bit of luck next year you'll get what you want. Also when the leaves start poking through the ground year start giving a bit of feed again

2 Apr, 2010


It also happens when they don't get enough direct sun. I found that out the hard way 30 years ago!

3 Apr, 2010

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