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Why wasn't this labelled properly?
a couple of years ago my daughter labelled these for me as lily 'species' so do you think they are tiger lilies?

I knew they came from bulbils as she had collected them all from the same stem but don't know which parent plant.

found vine weevils in the pot so glad I went noseying.




Yes, a lily and it could be tiger lily (aka Turks Cap lily). The one that I am most familiar with having stem bulbils is L. lancifolium (orange) and L. l. ssp flaviflorum (yellow). It is, obviously, difficult to tell at this stage and the bulbs look as if they still have a couple of years growing to do before they reach flowering size.

26 Jan, 2014


Well I do have L lancifolium and it does produce lots of bulbils. this is the sort of thing Victoria would collect. I will just have to be patient then oh hum!

thanks BA.

26 Jan, 2014


Sbg - we used to have a saying at work - "if things don't improve soon, I may have to ask you to stop helping me!" :-)

26 Jan, 2014


I could use that on one of the lab techs. thanks Andrew :o)

27 Jan, 2014


Hi Sbg, you just can't get the staff these days, lol, Derek.

27 Jan, 2014


My late brother used to say -

If we dont see anything we shall see nothing.
If things dont alter, they will stay as they are.

28 Jan, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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