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Perennial geraniums


By Mags

United Kingdom

Hello out there. I am talking about cranes bills. Many thanks for all of the advice. Now, a further question - do I cut the leaves back now that Autumn is here in the best efforts of putting the garden to bed for the winter??? I particularly like these plants as they rampage, hide a multitude of sins and give the dog somewhere to hide her bones....



I always cut mine back when there are more seed heads than flowers.
They always come back fighting to show off again.

28 Jun, 2008


I agree i am just about to cut mine back now the flowers are coming to an end, but they will produce more .

29 Jun, 2008


I have been growing "Geraniums" for at least 30 Years, they are Perrenials, but not Hardy, each year in late October I dig them up (about 150 of them) cut the stems back to about 4 inches, Winter them in a Frost Protected Greenhouse and Plant out again early Spring. Since looking on the "Net" I have become totally confused, they talk about "Hardy" Geraniums (Cranebills), and"non Hardy Annuals. So what are mine?, I have kept 5 different coloured ones in the Greenhouse in 8 Inch Pots, never Pruned them, now 3 Feet tall and have never stopped Blooming, Winter, and Summer for 7 Years. I will submit a Photo when I find out how to !!. What is that Green Colour on my Fingers? Bombom

15 Oct, 2008


Are you sure your not talking about Pelargonium (Geranium) these I cut down about now and place in the greenhouse until spring.

16 Oct, 2008


Maybe Mags means "Cranesbills" a Hardy Geranium that comes back&spreads easiely :)

16 Oct, 2008

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