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By April

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

i have a huge weed in my garden, not even sure what it's called, looks a bit like tiny little oak trees starting to grow then it turns into huge leaves on the ends of quite fine stalks. i've tried digging it up, several times, and i even resorted to weedkiller, something i do NOT like. but nothing. it just keeps coming back. my brother said that once you've got it you can't get rid of. any suggestion



Just keep hacking it down as it appears. It might eventually disappear, or not, but you won't be seeing it all the time.

25 Apr, 2010


Any chance of a photo so we can see what it actually is April?

25 Apr, 2010


not sure will have to get connor to take a picture he's the technological one, but i think it may be bind weed, is it called.

25 Apr, 2010


It is rather low and spread out I should have the pic on soon just charging camera

25 Apr, 2010


I'll put it on a question called April's weed

25 Apr, 2010



25 Apr, 2010


The pic is on

25 Apr, 2010

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