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I planted a small Gardenia from a pot in a sheltered part of the garden about 12 years ago not expecting it to survive in our north east situated garden. It is still going!! It is now about 18 inches tall and has a spread of about 3 feet. It has very healthy leaves but it never flowers. Is there any tips anyone can offer or am I hoping in vain??



I found that not only do they need protection from the wind, but also full sun and an acidic type fertilizer.

11 Feb, 2014


Erm, are you 100% certain it's a Gardenia? The only one that arrived about 8 years ago as a new hardy variety was G. 'Kleim's Hardy', but prior to that, there weren't any outdoor Gardenias suitable for the UK. If its not Gardenia, Azalea, maybe?

12 Feb, 2014


Planted a Gardenia approx. 10 years ago.The bed in which it's planted is facing has thrived so well and flowers every year with a magnificent perfume.......I do feed it twice a year with an acid liquid.Last Autumn it was given a good prune,so will see what happens this Summer.

15 Feb, 2014

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