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I have a very large lawn and although it has always been a bit uneven it has not caused me too many problems in the past . However this year it has become extremely uneven due to ants raising the lawn by some large amounts in areas which has now made it difficult to mow even with my mower on high setting in some areas the mower front is actually digging into the soil.Any suggestions to remedy this.Apart from starting again as the lenght is approx 120 feet x20 feet wide



You need to deal with the ants nests, by the sound of it, before doing anything else. Open them up and pour boiling water into them - this will make an even bigger mess of your lawn, but once you're sure you've cleared out as many nests as possible in this way, dust the interior with ant powder, then re level the areas either with extra topsoil, or by redistributing the soil from the nests. Then sow seed in bare areas.

27 Apr, 2010

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