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I have just bought 2 Salix (Kilmarnock) plants and both were extremely pot bound. I have put them into larger pots and watered well. One of them looks dead already with drooping, dry and cracked leaves. Also has yellowing leaves with brown tips. Will it live ? Should I keep giving it more water. I live in Spain and it is in full sun as I was advised to put it.



They prefer damp, heavy soil, and bright light, but not too sure how well they cope with your high temperatures and very hot sun. It's possible the plants were too stressed already when you bought them, and may not be recoverable. Move the suffering one into the shade and keep thoroughly watered in hopes it may recover.

1 May, 2010


Will do as you suggest, and Thank you so much for the advice. I should have taken them back really as they were extremely rootbound and I knew they werent right. Fingers xxxxxd

1 May, 2010

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