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its location in south africa



Leonotis leonitis

It often grows along roadsides.

It is a stately plant with tall stems up to 2 metres in some places. The stems have round knobs of prickly calyxes and tier upon tier of bright orange flowers.

Medicinal uses:
A tea made from the leaves is used for coughs and colds, chest conditions, whooping cough, fevers, the aches and pains of flu and as a gargle for laryngitis.

The Xhosa also use this tea as a snakebite remedy, taken internally and applied externally to the fang punctures.

The lotion can be dabbed on infected mosquito bites, bee and wasp stings. It is soothing and reduces the swelling.

It is an excellent bath preparation for skin treatments, itchy skin, sunburn and aching muscles.

Sangomas use the crushed seeds in milk as a blood purifier and to build strength in young males during puberty.

Found this on the Botanical South Africa website hope it helps

20 Oct, 2007

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