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help with plant identification


By Nadia

Ontario, Canada Ca

Thank you for all your help everyone:)
Here is a recent picture of what I believe is its flower.




What are its flowers like?

4 Jul, 2008


Could be Cleome? The growth tips look like it, are the flowers pink or white?

4 Jul, 2008


may be a Lonicera tatarica but i 'am not sure we need to see the flowers

5 Jul, 2008


It is not Cleome as I said before it is CHELONE OBLIQUA.

5 Jul, 2008


Or it could be a var. of monarda. Chelone o. is called turtlehead and is a native here in N.A. but the buds look like beebalm. Monarda gives off a wonderful smell and is used in the flavouring of teas...most notably Earl Grey and Lady Grey.

6 Jul, 2008

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