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By Gwendas

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Anybody advise me best time of year to plant a honeysuckle?
Have lost mine to a fungus and have read that it was probably in wrong site-on hot south facing wall. Hoping one would fare better in my front garden on a wooden fence which is north facing. Still gets about five hours of morning sunshine but more sheltered and shaded in afternoon so can keep its base cool. Is that right? Also would welcome suggestions on suitable variety.



Yes, you're right. They prefer more shady, cooler conditions, although they should be OK in sun. There are lots of different ones, it depends on what colour you prefer and whether you want a scented one or not. I can recommend Lonicera japonica ''Dart's World' - white flowers fushed with red, evergreen and vigorous, 'Halliana', white flowers aging to yellow, these two are fragrant. Then there's Lonicera x tellmanniana which has beautiful coppery-orange flowers but little scent. If you buy it from a Nursery in a big pot there's no reason why you can't plant it now as long as you keep it watered. Hope this helps.

4 Jul, 2008

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