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Wilting acers


By Bulphan

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I have two young acers - 3-4 yeras, planted out 2 months ago and are now wilting badly - very clay soil, but alot of compost - is this too much or too little water or something else?

On plant Acer platanoides (Crimson Red and Princeton Gold)



Have you watered them each week? They will need that if the weather has been dry. Otherwise, I am wondering how exposed they are. Has it been windy? They tend to suffer in windy conditions, especially if you are near the coast.

4 Jul, 2008


Did you plant them at the same depth as they were in their pots? Planting too deep can cause problems. Also, young acers are prone to slug damage - they chew the bark at the base of the truck and if they go all the way round, the tree dies. Have you planted straight into grass? Young trees should have a 'clear' area around then at least 2ft across as they (esp acers) don't tend to have very vigorous root systems and can't cope with the competition with other plants.

5 Jul, 2008


Thank you for the replies - I will check roots. Space is fine, are a bit exposed (wind across fields), and watering has been once per week.

6 Jul, 2008

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