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By Isabar

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Re-phrasing my earlier question Why do a lot of plants that I buy only flower once and not again? The foliage is always very healthy looking.



I thought I had answered you - but maybe that was not sufficient, or I misunderstood... If the plants are otherwise healthy and flourishing, maybe you are feeding them too often - this can have the effect of producing lush growth at the expense of flowers. Be patient, they may have been forced by the growers and need time to settle back to a domestic routine!

6 Jul, 2008


Also check the nutrient ratios on the are using... if you want blossoms don't use a high nitrogen fert...
Buy a fertilizer for plants that bear fruit..a common practice is to use tomato food... it has higher phosphorus and potassium content. This is referred to as the N-P-K ratio... nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium...P and K are beneficial for root and fruit(flower) production...when mixing fertilizer be careful to measure fact it's safest to make a weak mixture... Check the light requirements for the plants...give them a google and be sure to note temp requirements too. And lastly, some plants will take a break after flowering...just need a little rest... usually that will coincide with the natural cycle of the fall and winter months... that is something else to check when you search the requirements of your plants. Some plants like some cacti, schlumbergia have specific light requirements( day length) to bring them into flower..Check out your plants on google/wikipedia or'll be glad you did. .

6 Jul, 2008

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