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Does anyone use....

Green Johanna "HOT" Composter ?
Does it work ? Is it any good ? Would you recommend it ?



Haven't tried it, but just watched a couple of videos about it, plus one called Green Cone, which I wouldn't recommend. Looks as if the Johanna one is aerobic, which is better, but the drawback, as with any hot composting system, is the necessity to build the contents in layers, rather than just chucking in whatever you've got when you've got it, which means keeping stuff elsewhere until you can mix the layers properly. The advantage though, is that you don't have to turn it regularly, the way you would with an ordinary hot compost heap, so if you have the room and are able to keep stuff to one side and build it in layers when you've got the right mix, looks like a good thing to get.

10 May, 2010


Thank you Bamboo.
Will talk to hubby and see what he thinks.
I'm all for being able to compost left over food.
With kids there is usually more than I like.

10 May, 2010


Do you mean left over cooked food or raw?I don't think its recommended that cooked food goes into your compost bin,but someone else will be able to advise you on this,..but maybe I have misunderstood your reply...

10 May, 2010


It does cooked as well :)

10 May, 2010


Oh,thats good then,no waste at all,haven't heard of this kind before...

10 May, 2010


Neither had I bloomer, I googled it and watched a video or two and read up about it. And Blooming, I'm amazed you've got food left over if you have kids, unless they're very young (or girls). I had two boys who ate everything in the house - there never were any leftovers!

10 May, 2010


All boys LOL
The older 2 aren't too bad but the youngest (13) is a fussy little git.

10 May, 2010

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