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I am new gardering and i planted a Rhododendron in my garden it flowered 3 weeks ago and i have 5 flowers on it but they are now wilting and falling off, is this right and what should i do now to the plant where the flowers have fallen off. sorry as i said i am new to all this,



Just leave it as it is, Sharon. The return to wintery weather this week may have shortened the life of the flowers this year.

13 May, 2010


Hello and welcome to GOY. The part of the stem on which the flower had grown will look ribbed and feel sticky once flower has dropped off. Leave this for a week or two and you will notice new leaves appearering at the base of this. Once new leaves appear at the base, nip out the sticky part of the stem. Depending on variety and size of plant, this stem will be about 1cm to 2cm in length. Be careful not to nip out new leaves as this is next years growth and flowers. If you do this to all stems that have flowered it should continue to grow and give plenty of flowers. Obviously, the more mature the plant becomes the more stems there are to nip out. Also if for some reason the leaves turn yellow at any time feed Sequestrin, also feed your plant some top dressing throughout the growing season. Hope this helps.

13 May, 2010


Good grief Sto I never do anything to the rhodos after they have flowered - haven't got the time! They just get on and grow...

13 May, 2010

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