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Have just been offered some cuttings of 'Christmas box' as I have never grown any box before, some advice on how and when to take cuttings would be a great help, also what type of conditions it likes thank you.



I have 3 of these delightful shrubs in my garden and passed 1 to the walled garden project at Glamis castle.

It's such a pretty shrub with a lovely perfume.Its not a box hedge is a shrub,1 I have growing is in shade the othersre in back garden where they get lots of sunshine when it does come out, And it's slow growing.

27 Feb, 2014


Christmas box is Sarcococca. There are several species including the green "humulis" and the prettier "hookeriana"

I have a couple of mature plants which are about 4 foot tall and are grown in deep shade. The scent (tiny, white insignificant flowers) is breathtaking and you can sometimes smell it many meters away. Thy are very slow growing....i have another S. humilis which is grown in dry shade that has grown 2 foot in 15 years.

As for cuttings, no harm trying but you would be better off taking semi ripe cuttings from july to october. S. hookeriana produces suckers which can be dug up and potted or planted.

28 Feb, 2014


thank you, will wait fora few months, to giveme time to get a pot ready for them then try for the cuttings, thanks again

28 Feb, 2014


I did try to take cuttings from mine but they never rooted.

28 Feb, 2014


Excuse me for intruding on your question Aquilegia, but is there such a thing as Sarococca confusa? I was told that the one at the front of the estate is so called, but now I'm wondering whether it's one of those mentioned by Badfish. I would love to have one that will grow in deep shade.

1 Mar, 2014


Its fine Merlinbanyd, the more information you can get on a plant the better, and I do want to grow it in shade, its a new plant to me so if I get one going I will have it near the front door to enjoy the wonderfull sent.

2 Mar, 2014


Hi Merlinbabydog, yes there is a Sarcocca confusa, it is probably the largest 1 available, flowers winter- spring,and is a little faster growing, reaching a height of about 6ft, Derek.

2 Mar, 2014

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