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Is this celandine special?
I know the wild one with plain leaves is an absolute pest. But is this a named variety?




Yes Thanks snoopdog I knew that. However there are some named garden varieties and I just wondered about this one as the leaves are pretty.

5 Apr, 2014


I wouldn't risk it, or at least don't let it seed! It isn't as though the leaves were going to be evergreen.

5 Apr, 2014


Its all through that part of the border. I do keep pulling it out but we know what this little thing is like :o)

6 Apr, 2014


At least it disappears in the summer. I glyphosated some last year in desperation and it has helped somewhat - but they are everywhere here too, lawns, banks, hedges -- but they are beautiful!.

6 Apr, 2014


Ranunculus kochii is very similar to this one, a larger version of R. ficaria.

6 Apr, 2014


Now that is interesting as this is larger in leaf and flower. I will have to do some investigating.

just looked and it isn't a match :o(

thanks for the suggestion though. It might be a case of sending it to the RHS for a proper id.

7 Apr, 2014


The larger Celandine in our garden are the ones growing in the wetter, more fertile areas.

8 Apr, 2014

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