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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

I aquired Night scented phlox last spring they were beautiful, they are still alive not looking too robust but I cut them back some time and I am wondering if I did wrong as they do not seem to have recovered. I would like to get a few more to complete the edge of the path but would like to0 know the correct treatment. The perfume all last summer was wonderful. The botanicakl name is Zaluzianskya ovata



Despite being perennial, these plants aren't entirely hardy - they will survive in a warm, sheltered spot that isn't wet in winter, but if the temperature drops below -5 deg C in winter for any length of time, they'll probably die anyway.

It may be that you cut them too early, probably best left as they were till end of April - if they're still alive, they will probably recover. If you want more, I've not seen these at the garden centre, but they are available online - google produces a few places selling them. I think I'll be getting some too, not tried this yet...

23 Apr, 2014


Every evening when I went to shut the ducks the perfume was wonderful, They are worth getting. We were lucky enough to have a mild winter but perhaps it would be worth taking them in to the cold greenhouse for the winter? Thanks for the advice

23 Apr, 2014


Hi Telme, I take cuttings through the summer and they root ok with a little bottom heat. I find they do shoot again from the bottom of the older stems. I trim them back in May usually.
with it being so mild this year there has been the odd flower all through the winter.

23 Apr, 2014


I can't wait to get some - I have a balcony right outside my sitting room window/doorway, imagine that on a balmy evening, it'll be coming into the room I hope. But will I remember the name...

23 Apr, 2014


there is also an annual one too. looks and smells the same. I prefer it to night scented stock.

23 Apr, 2014

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