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how do you cultivate a 'hankie' tree



If you mean the Handkerchief Tree (Davidia involucrata), buy a young plant and plant in well drained, moisture retentive soil in a position thats not too exposed (semi-open woodland is ideal). It can take between ten to twenty years before it produces the insignificant ball shaped flower clusters each backed by a distinctive large white bract giving the tree it's common name.

If you are erroneously referring to the variegated Balsam Poplar sometimes also called the Ontario Poplar or Balm of Gilead (Populus candicans 'Aurora'), this is a fast growing tree that can grow pretty much anywhere. The foliage, especially the mid summer tip growth is heavily variegated with cream and pink. Many people often assume this to be a Handkerchief Tree but are incorrect.

Which one are you referring to? :-)

1 Jun, 2010

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