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Please identify type of plant and name


By Ny2oz

I revied a basket full of plants and I am not sure if this is a "Hanging" plant that my fiance'
s grandmother claims it to be. Can someone please identify?



I have this plant too and it is called Golden Pothos ( or some other variety of Pothos). It does grow into a nice hanging plant, the vines even need to be trimmed now and again when they get too long.

27 Oct, 2007


As you can see in the picture, I have them in small hanging decorative pots...freshly planted. Do you think those pots are too small for them to develop, or is that fine?

27 Oct, 2007


The foliage of these plants can grow 6 to 10 feet, draped from a hanging container or up on a stake. I would suggest moving them if you want them to grow to their full capacity.

29 Oct, 2007


hi i agree with what the others have said, but also the common name for this plant is 'devils iv'y - i had one once and it did really well in the bathroom, i have also seen them planted around an indoor swimming pool so would say they do best in humid conditions.

29 Oct, 2007

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