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Blackcurrant bush seems to have a problem
Below is a picture of a blackcurrant bush which I planted out eight weeks ago. It seems to have grey mould growing on it. Please can anyone help?




Scale insect. There is a thread somewhere on treatment.

5 May, 2014


Thank you!

5 May, 2014


Somebody once said that by the time you see the white fluff the insects had gone. You could try brushing it all off and seeing if there are any little things like tiny shellfish stuck to the stems. Those are what you need to get rid of and you can scrub them off or try painting with meths - haven't looked at the thread Owdboggy mentions, it probably has better suggestions!
I hope your bush is still alive - can't see any signs of leaves yet. Also I would be inclined to have a word with the nursery if you only bought it eight weeks ago as it may have been infected when you bought it..

5 May, 2014


Definitely,if it was bought 8 weeks ago, take it back and complain.....loudly.
The infant stage of the scale insect is the mobile stage. Once they have found a suitable living place, the adults settle down and suck the sap. The insect is under the wax like covering. To kill them you need to remove the wax. A soap based insecticide does that, plus a brush.

5 May, 2014


Thanks for all the help. It is definitely a dead bush! However, I have had it in a pot for a year, waiting for the right place to plant it, so cannot complain to the nursery!
Off to the local nursery for a new one.....!

25 May, 2014

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