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By Waddy

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Friend or Foe?
When I was rescuing plants from my sons garden, before the digger moved in I dug up this one. Since then it has produced purple plumes which look very delicate and pretty, but I've been told it's a weed! Are they right?

A_stroll_round_the_garden_in_early_may_040 A_stroll_round_the_garden_in_early_may_041



It's called Linaria purpurea or a Toadflax. They produce spikes of purple (sometimes yellow or pink) flowers and are quite pretty.

It's considered to be a wild flower but if left to seed, they can get a bit invasive.

19 Jun, 2014


I think it's quite pretty too,Waddy,but just depends if you like it enough to keep it,or more to the point,if you have room ! If you do,you can always pull bits up,you don't want..Do you have a photo of the flowers?

19 Jun, 2014


I keep some as I like it and then pull out the others as weed.

19 Jun, 2014


Please yourself! Foxgloves are weeds here but lovely in the garden. So are evening primroses (and ordinary wild primroses come to that) and lots of people grow them on purpose. Its an artificial distinction - they are all plants and you grow what you like.

19 Jun, 2014


Lovely. A welcome addition to my garden and Sbg says, easy to pull out where not wanted.

19 Jun, 2014


Thanks everyone. At least I now know it's a 'weed' but I think I'll hang on to it and just make sure I 'weed' out (ouch!) the seedlings I don't want.
Bloomer, I'll post a pic in photos, just for you lol!

19 Jun, 2014


:o)) I should think so too ! Lol xx

19 Jun, 2014

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