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Jude ... Can you tell me how to get rid of ants in a large container, and how to stop them taking over again ... Help!!



Keep it on the moist side - they hate it. Try some lavender oil - they are said to dislike lavender and it might work!

21 Jun, 2014


Pop an ant trap in the top of the pot. You can get them at GCs or DIY stores.

22 Jun, 2014


Or do both!

22 Jun, 2014


I just plant into the ants,at first they bite,,on the first watering they disappear,they dont harm the plants.Bo

26 Jun, 2014


They can if they nest there, Bo - the roots get disturbed and plants can die. :-(

27 Jun, 2014


That happened to my rosemary once - quite a big one too, and planted int he ground.

27 Jun, 2014


I had to empty my large blue pot - the plants looked very unhappy and I soon found out why! EEEK!!!! That was a horrible job involving a tarpaulin and several kettles of boiling water. (shudder)

28 Jun, 2014

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