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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Do I need to deadhead verbena and bacopa to keep the flowers coming? And what about phlox? i bought four small plants which looked lovely when planted but the flowers died very quickly and there is no sign of new growth. I thought at first it was lack of water but now I just think their time had come. Do I cut back into some of the green and will they flower again this year?



I had the same problem last year with Osteospermum, I bought them in Mid may at a garden centre and they had obviously been forced to flower early. Once in the 'real world' they ceased flowering, I just deadheaded any dead flowers (and even the measly looking new forming ones) and waited, the plants flowered again about 6 weeks later (i.e around the time they should have). Could also give them some tomato food (the potash encourages flowers).

8 Jun, 2010


Perhaps it is best to buy only plants that are mostly in bud or no show so far.. Garden centres often stock plants that are flowered 'before their time' to make them more attractive to buyers,as you say. Most have labels that 'suggest' what is to be expected to bloom. I have bought some basket and pot edgers this year, all with no blooms. Now they are beginning to perform bit by bit, after a while they should be really good.

9 Jun, 2010

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