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Part of our border has always had mombretia. One year I dug down 2-3 ft & took out every speck of the blinking plant. Over time we got a lot more ...its all leaf...its stifled & killed off a Hydrangea & surrounded a Sarah Bernheart Peony...It is an old strain so the new showy ones put the flowerless ones to shame. The border is
just over 4m by 1.2m. A conifer marks the cut off on the left & an amelanchier on the right small fence behind. Border is west facing...Cheers



All you can really do is keep digging out… we have to with lily of the valley - it gets everywhere!

3 Jul, 2014


I guess if you are really desperate you could try glyphosate as long as it doesn't get onto anything else, but it is only a guess. Can't hurt though. Otherwise in spring just remove every new shoot as it appears to starve the corms. You could hoe them off if there are lots and your hoe is sharp enough..

3 Jul, 2014


Dig them out...oh well cheers guys...our dog will help.....NOT!.the flowering ratio was 1-50 or worse

4 Jul, 2014


Useful dog!

4 Jul, 2014


The bed is so dry!! Too hot.....Had a tea delivery today. Dog went to the basket before tea was scanned & ran off with 80 tea bags out the back door....Opened the pack. I had no idea he had a nose for decaf

18 Jul, 2014


He might bring you that cuppa yet.

18 Jul, 2014


Dug out 4 bucket loads today. I liberated the apple tree. Treepeony. Hydrangea. Nearly finished by the Sarah B. No flowers this year on her. A shadow of her former self. Too much competition. I probably break a bit of tuber off getting pesky Mom! Had to come in. Sunstroke not a good idea.....Yesterday dog dug himself a cool pit

24 Jul, 2014

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