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I had daffs & tulips in pots in my front & back garden. Out of curiosity I looked how some tulips in plunge pots were doing. One pot had about 7 good sized bulbs & 15 babies. Another just 6 tiny bulbs. i have stored some in the garden shed in a sand compost mix. Will plant out in October I think. But will babies flower next year?
Got some tulips to grow through carnations...hope they don't rot.
The daffs increased too but they just are all sizes. Difficult to remember the types. Will mark up next time !!
Carlton in the lawn are spreading nicely...leaving them well alone !!!



Tulip babies usually take 2-4 years to reach blooming size, depending on how large they were to start. Remember that bulbs that have been grown in shallow pots have been stressed, so they should be planted in the ground, or in deep pots, this year, and they still may not bloom next spring.

17 Jul, 2014


Agree with Tugb. in addition did you feed them with half strength tomato food once a week when they'd finished flowered until the foliate died back naturally.

17 Jul, 2014


Ahh I see.Thanks. I thought the tulips rot if you leave them in the ground. The tulips are in pots that are 6 inches deep or there abouts or some even bigger.

18 Jul, 2014

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