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We have a Sarah Bernhardt , Peony that was eventually lost in the border by Crocosmia/ Mombretia. Next door fence robbed it of light. No flowers this year and it has shrank....but I guess I get the tubers when I get the unwanted corns. Call it a day or can she be revived somehow? Oddly enough a peony I never knew about (forgot I put it there) flowered 1st time in the front garden. 2 giant pom poms. White with pink flecks



You could try moving it in the autumn - and watching out for corms when you do, so the Montbretia doesn't come with it...

26 Jul, 2014


I have the same peony and this year it had 40 + blooms on it. I have had it now for about 5 years. It must..I repeat planted very shallow and in full sun. Also they love humous rich soil so dig in plenty of compost before planting. Mine also needs support as the flowers are so heavy. If it is dry on replanting water thoroughly. When established leave it alone as they do not like any disturbance. Hope this helps.

26 Jul, 2014


Just seen those. Thanks . It is tricky!!!

28 Jul, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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