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I have 3 tomato plants growing outside, here in North of Scotland. Didn't plant them! Having never grown tomatoes, what do I do? There are green leaves and two sets of flowers on one, and just green leaves on the other two.



There isn't much chance of ripe fruit where you are from flowers only just blossoming, so you might as well uproot the two that haven't flowered. If we have a very warm mild autumn you might just get some fruit of a useable size but probably not red. However if you do get any you can pick it before the nights get really cold and try ripening it off in the house. Best way is to spread it out somewhere reasonable warm and put a ripe tomato with the green ones. The gas given off the ripe one will help the green ones to ripen.

It might encourage the plant a bit if you feed it with tomato fertiliser once a week.

6 Aug, 2014


Thanks for that advice, will try feeding them as you suggest.


12 Aug, 2014

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