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My climbing rose

Bought a "cheap" climbing rose (label said climbing rose, colour peach) last year which grew to about 6 feet but no flowers. It was planted in a large pot with plenty of root booster granules and I fed and watered it. I cut it back as advised and this year it's about 8 feet tall with lovely healthy leaves, but again no flowers to be seen, despite feeding and watering regularly. Any ideas why no flowers please, or could it just be a "dud".

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shouldnt think it was a dud if you have got healthy leaves on the plant.

Give it time and i should think it will end up with quite a few buds

14 Jun, 2010


It sounds like it may be either a very vigorous climber or possibly even a rambler. I hate roses in containers as they invariably go downhill in successive seasons and ultimately fail unless root pruned in winter every two years and the planting medium replaced. This is practical for a smaller bush type but not a climber unfortunately. Is there no way it can be planted instead? It will be much happier and given enough older wood developed (and not pruned back too hard) it should produce shorter laterals with flowers.

14 Jun, 2010


Thank you both for your answers. Fractal, I only have a backyard so everything is in containers and it's the first time I've tried a rose. I will keep on doing what I am doing and see if anything happens. Thanks again to you both.

14 Jun, 2010


You could try it in a really large container - like a half barrel or cut down dustbin. Make sure it is planted in a loam and compost mix, feed and water well - letting it dry out between times, and you should get flowers.

14 Jun, 2010


A lot of climbers form flower buds in the fall, for bloom next spring. I would try not pruning this coming February, and waiting until after bloom to prune. And, as Hoya says, a climbing rose needs a huge container to develop properly.

15 Jun, 2010

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