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As you can see by my photos i am a total container gardener.So far my garden has consisted in a few annual bedding plants planted at the relevant times of the year, shrubs such as lavender and azaleas (for ever green colour among other things)and some lillie plants I bought last year which bloomed lovely (some how ) this year.
However this year I have decided to take the plunge and start planting bulbs (because of my love for lillies).i have already bought some spring flowerers but also want to plant some for summer and autumn colour.
Firstly can I plant for the different seasons in the one planter or do I need separate pots for each season ....(I have an area under the metal staircase where i could store "maturing" plants so thats no problem)
Also when do I plant say the autumn ones and summer ones .I know thanks to "Bulbaholic" I can plant the spring ones I have now and put bedding plants on them for winter colour til they come through but on summer and autumn planting I am clueless..
I have seen suitable bulbs for my yard and and am itching to buy them and get started but until I get some advice I am stuck



Hi Samantha, me again. Yes, you can have bulbs for all seasons in the one planter, but make sure that they are not overcrowded beneath the surface of the compost. Both spring and autumn flowering bulbs should be available in the garden centres now and should be planted asap, particularly the autumn flowering ones. Summer flowering bulbs are either still in flower or have foliage on them and are not usually sold as dry bulbs until the new year so you will just have to 'go for it' and dig out holes in your planters for them.
Spring and autumn flower bulbs tend to be small so you can plant a lot of them, summer flowering bulbs tend to be larger so don't use so many.

25 Aug, 2014

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