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By Jbardet

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This cyclamen was a self-sown seedling in the pot of a Flowering Cherry which I bought last year. I planted the Prunus in the garden & potted the cyclamen, placing it on the window sill.
The leaves soon appeared and this month (June) a flower has formed, plus four new buds.
With its heart-shaped leaves which are green & faintly patterned around the edge, flowering in June, plus generally compact form, this cyclamen almost ticks all the boxes for C. purpurascens (Europaeum) but the flower has auricles at the base of the corolla, which is not typical for C. purpurascens, although one of my books mentions that some forms of C. purpurascens do have these.
Can anyone confirm?



I would have thought a Cyclamen flowering in mid-June was unusual,J? Given that the plant came from a nursery it is likely to be one of the more readily available species, purpurascens being very probable. With a flower and at least two buds this is more than just a seedling, to me, which is likely to flower at any time, and my problem is that I do not expect our purpurascens to flower until later July/August.
Regardles, a nice bonus with your flowering cherry.

16 Jun, 2010


Thanks for the reply. When I got this bonus cyclamen, last year, it was indeed just a seedling. The leaves developed earlier this year and the flowers, this month. If it is purpurascens, I am still baffled by the flower shape, unless some strains of C. pur. do have the auricles at the base of the petals as some sources claim.

16 Jun, 2010


Whenever I post a picture of a cyclamen on the SRGC web forum for id I can bet that someone will say that it has auricles so it must be hederifolium. Yet it is much too early for hederifolium (August onwards for me).

17 Jun, 2010


My hederifolium usually start flowering from late July. and are without leaves between May & late August. This one seems to be evergreen and the leaf shape/colour conforms to purpurascens as does the mid Summer flowering......but those auricles!!!??? I wonder if it could be a hybrid between the two; especially as one of the flower stems carries two flowers; a feature which I have seen before in horticultural hybrid Cyclamen.

17 Jun, 2010


Quoting Chris Grey-Wilson:
" Cyclamen purpurascens is the only evergreen species, with the previous leaves hanging on until the new ones appear in summer. It also delights by being the only species that will produce blooms through the hot summer months."
Picture caption " A form of C. purpurascens with well marked auricles, most forms reveal at least some hint of auricles at the base of the petals."
Quotes from "Cyclamen" by Christoper Grey-Wilson.
Maybe it needs hot summer months to produce earlier summer flowers, not common in my part of Scotland :-(.

17 Jun, 2010


Thanks for that Bulbaholic. I think my question is now answered, with all the boxes ticked. JB

18 Jun, 2010

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