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A branch of my olearia macrodonta (tree about 14 years old) looks mouldy behind the bark. If I take out this branch will the rest of the tree be OK? There are leaves and flowers on other branches but not many on this one. What is likely to have caused this? Could it be frost damage or disease?

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On plant Olearia macrodonta



I would remove it back to healthy growth or wood. And bin or burn the damaged/diseased section. The mould underneath the bark sounds like fungi mycelium i.e their 'roots'. Any toad stool or visible fungus?

18 Jun, 2010


Thanks for the advice - I think this might take quite a chunk out of the tree as the branch starts quite close to the ground but hopefully it will be worth it to keep the rest of the tree healthy.

There is no toadstool or visible fungus but the wood under the bark is darker than normal and has some white areas on it.

18 Jun, 2010

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