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hi I have 2 fuchsias in pots which were bought as bedding plants in the summer they have fairly grown but have finished flowering now can they be kept for next year I was looking to repot them in bigger pots do I need to cut them back before I take them inside this w/end




Yes. If they are slightly tender ones then the pots need to be kept from freezing. They store best in a cool, frost-free area and with just enough watering to keep the roots damp, but not sodden.
Once upon a time Fuchsias were kept over winter by burying them in the garden with a layer of straw over the top.

16 Oct, 2014


thanks for the advice I will take them inside in the near future

16 Oct, 2014


Maybe cover them with some Garden fleece or similar,if it gets really cold..I keep a couple of mine in the shed..still in the same pots..I don't repot them or add new compost till April/May.,if weather don't want new growth in winter..They will probably drop all their leaves ,which is normal..just remove fallen ones..Don't worry,if all you have left are pots of dead looking sticks..,they will soon come to life again when watered and fed..good luck..

16 Oct, 2014

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