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I have just bought a Citrus Limon and a Citrus Sinensis. The instructions say to "cut off the branch tops". There are no leaves on the bottom 2 feet of the plants but plenty at the top. I am wondering if I should cut these off?

On plant Citrus limon



The advice would be because you ideally want a bushy rather than a tall leggy plant. If you cut it back, then new growth will form lower down.
I'm no citrus expert (just have a lemon, a kumquat and a mandarin) but I would let the plant get established as you've just bought it, and cut it back next spring before it gets going again in the summer. That's when I've cut ours back and the new growth has been ok.
In cutting back though, you may affect flowering and fruit formation for a while.

1 Jul, 2010

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