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We are in Ellon Aberdeenshire and have recently moved into a house with a palm tree in the garden (we reckon its about 20 years old, the tree that is)- The plant had flourished until this years very cold winterwhere it was snow covered for around 2 months - Leaves are now falling out and there's no sign of re-growth - Is it dead or is there something we can do to rescue it (soil is clay)?



Hi Dave, a 'palm' tree in Ellon sounds rather unusual, I would expect to see them on the west coast but not so much inland Aberdeenshire. Could the tree actually be a Cordyline, in which case type 'Cordyline winter 2009' or something similar in the search box at the top of this page and you will find 101 answeres to similar questions from other poor GoYers.

4 Jul, 2010


Hello Bulbaholic and thanks - It is aCordyline - that'll explain why I couldn't find any pictures of it under 'Palm Trees' in my google searches.

Will have a look at the other comments and revert.

Thanks again!


8 Jul, 2010

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