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I have flagged... A batch of posts from Sexyswimmer71 starting "state why... " and "describe the hazards..."




23 Dec, 2014


Why have you flagged them ? just sounds like someone wants a garden design question answered !!!

Far worse questions then that on here

23 Dec, 2014


Well, I'm just guessing that these are spam as one of them was word-for-word posted by Jaybles on 28 Feb 2011 and the other was in the same style as another posted same day by same 'person'.
Of course, if they are genuine questions then I will apologise to the poster - somehow I don't think I will be needing to practice.

23 Dec, 2014


Flag and tell admin if you're unsure, best on the safe side.....

24 Dec, 2014


I assumed it was yet another person trying to get homework done for him.

24 Dec, 2014


Its one thing googling information but asking for the question to be answered well! No points from me.......
I hope the lecturer is a Goy member?

24 Dec, 2014

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