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Hi we had a creeper (don't know the name as we never planted it, was in the garden when house bought) it has a pinkish trumpet shaped flower. The problem is that we found shoots coming up in the paving and the surrounding area that its growing - quite invasive. We cut it down and took what root out we could; however, these shoots are still popping up - what poison can we put on them to kill them? (even had it come into the inside of our study and one bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!



salts good but its not selective

5 Jan, 2015


It might be a Campsis variety, but the problem you've got is the roots are under the paving. You can kill a plant at the roots by exposing them, drilling or cutting into them and applying neat SBK (carefully, without getting it everywhere), but if you can't access the roots to do this, it won't be terribly effective to just broadcast it on the paving.

5 Jan, 2015


Sounds like a Convolvulus. It may have been planted by the original owner or it may be a weed that was growing there.

5 Jan, 2015


all plants need the sun

5 Jan, 2015


I thought convolvulus (bindweed) too, as its very deep rooted and hard to destroy. If its well away from plants you care about you could try a total weedkiller like Pathclear, but not if there might be runoff onto plants you want. If it is convolvulus it will probably need several applications, being extremely deep rooted and determined. For the plants that are growing in the beds try training the shoots up canes. When there is polenty of growth lay a plastic sheet or spomething over the surrounding plants and spray carefully with Glyphosate. This also will need repeated treatments so don't lose heart.

Put Bindweed Images into Google - most of the pics are of white ones but there are a few pink ones.

5 Jan, 2015

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