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Can I cut magnolia stellata right back?


By Bumbleb

United Kingdom

I bought this shrub many years ago but it grew very slowly. I moved it and it began to grow and grow. Last year I cut it back but it has now grown massive. Can I cut it right back ive heard it is not a good idea to prune too frequently

On plant Magnolia stellata



Hi Teresa I found you question in the plant section and tried to answer there.

Don't know if it will help but the webpage in the reply might. Good luck

21 Nov, 2007


Magnolia stellata is compact in youth but eventually will reach about 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Now you know what you're up against, you can make an informed decision as to what to do. In general, magnolias resent root disturbance but spring would be the best time if you have absolutely have to move it

21 Nov, 2007


Unfortunately, magnolias often regrow with very long straight growth that spoils the overall shape. Good luck.

22 Nov, 2007

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