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I have an Ilex xaltaclerensis golden king and need to know the best male ilex to grow with it.



silver queen is a nice one.

welcome to GoY too.

16 Jan, 2015


I agree, they look good together, not a massive amount of berries on either for me though but I like them very much

17 Jan, 2015


Well the male won't have berries Pamg.

17 Jan, 2015


Welcome to goy Mod. You have a female ilex. Golden King is female and will berry. Mine has lots of berries because there are other ilex in nearby gardens. If there are others near you you might not need a male tree. Both can grow quite big but can be pruned to a size you want. There is a specialist holly nursery in Wales. They have a web site
Silver Queen is male and will fertilise your Golden King but they have photos of a great many hollies. Some male hollies are sterile and it is possible to get self fertile hollies.

17 Jan, 2015


Thanks very much for that, something for me to get on with.

20 Jan, 2015


Thats the weird thing about them Mg.....golden king and silver queen side by side just had a few each.....

21 Jan, 2015


That is definitely weird Pamg as Silver Queen is a male plant and as MG says will not give you berries. Highlight the link I gave above for Welsh hollies, right click and then left click on "go to Welsh Hollies" on the drop down list. That will take you to their website. Click on Hollies on the choices and you will see what they have on offer. There is a similar looking holly (to Silver Queen) but it is a female. I am wondering if you have been sold a holly which had the wrong label applied to it. If so there is maybe a male holly some distance from your garden which is responsible for you having berries on both your trees. It might explain why you only have a few berries.

22 Jan, 2015


That makes sense Scotsgran

22 Jan, 2015


I wondered if Pamg's berrying silver was Handsworth New Silver. It is a female holly and the description is very similar to Silver Queen except that it is much taller.

22 Jan, 2015

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